Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lions Should Use The "Wildcat" Offense

Mike Vick is out of jail and has signed with the Eagles. What does this mean? It means that we will all see some more of the "wildcat" offense. I can see Vick being used as the ultimate utility player. With his speed and athletic ability, he may bring the "wildcat" offense to a whole new level. According to the Star-Ledger, the Giants have already started working on their "wildcat" defense. According to the article:
"With his ability to play quarterback and this Wildcat offense just coming in, I'm quite sure they're going to be trying to explore some of those options."
Why not "explore the options" when you have a guy like Mike Vick? You would be crazy not too. You can't just let one of the most electric players in football to sit on the side lines. If the Eagles start to run the "wildcat" offense with Vick, why not try it with Stanton.

Bears v FalconsFalcons vs. Lions
Drew Stanton's ability as a quarterback reminds me a lot of Mike Vick. When Stanton is under center and the play is breaking down, he has the ability to make something happen with his feet. We saw that in the preseason game against Atlanta and throughout his days at Michigan State. If I were the Lions, I would use Stanton in their own version of the "wildcat" offense. I remember when we had Josh McCown he lined up as a receiver a couple of times. Why not do this with Stanton? Put him out there as a RB with Culpepper or as a WR with Stafford. Mix things up a little bit. It has worked in Miami and will work it Philadelphia. I say, with a guy like Stanton, it's worth a shot.

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