Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mane Street: 8/26/09

-- It was a short stay for Swayze Walters and his sweet name. Swayze had an injured hamstring and the Lions needed someone to kick for Saturday's preseason game so they signed kicker Billy Cundiff.

-- There is good news in sight for the Lions receiving core. It looks like there is a chance that Brandon Pettigrew will play Saturday against the Colts. I really want to see what he can do as a receiver. He was a first round pick, so he better be good.

-- Louis Delmas seems to be pretty intense. First it was a hit on Aaron Brown and now on Aveion Cason. Apparently, Cason was letting up after a play near the goal line and Delmas hit him hard. The hit was hard enough to cause a scuffle at practice. I just hope Delmas can bring this intensity to the field.

-- Any fantasy football fans out there should check out Fantasy Football Geekly with Sean Baligian. They stream it live on MLive every Wednsday at 7:00 pm.