Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mane Street: 8/18/09

-- There is more bad news for the Lions receiving core. It seems that Brandon Pettigres's injury is not responding as the Lions have hoped.

-- The team's most productive player over the last two decades, Jason Hanson, is out after having "minor" knee surgery. It sounds like he should be back fairly quick.

-- Linebacker Cody Spencer was placed on the IR after he injured his knee during the first preseason game.

-- With Jason Hanson out for the next few weeks, the Lions signed kicker Swayze Walters. That could be one of the sweetest names ever.

-- The division just got a lot more difficult for the Lions. Brett Farve will sign with the Vikings for about $12 million dollars. This might put the Vikings at the top of the division this season.

Tecmo Barry

What is the best football video game of all time? Is it Madden, the NFL 2K series, or maybe NFL Blitz. None of these even come close to the excitement that one football game brings. That game: Tecmo Super Bowl. How many of us have spent hours and hours playing this game back in the day. Controlling little pixelated players around the field and running plays from a playbook that only included eight plays.

Barry Sanders was one of the best running backs in the NFL and it showed in the game.

As good as Barry Sanders was in the Tecmo Super Bowl series, there was one running back that was absolutely unstoppable. Come on, we all know who this was: Bo Jackson. His character is one of the most dominate in video game history. Just take a look at this 300 yard touchdown run.