Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daunte Culpepper Can Be Great

According to the new offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, we may see shades of the Culpepper that we all remember from his Minnesota days. How could you forget the days when Culpepper was on the cover of EA's Madden Football and those long bombs to Randy Moss? Linehan was his coordinator back then, so he should know what Culpepper can do. According to Linehan, via MLive:
"His energy and electricity is back," Linehan says. "I think that was his biggest challenge – get back to playing this game like a kid again. But now he has a certain amount of maturity that I think has become real positive for him."
Its words like this that make me think that Culpepper has some real potential this year. If this was Rod Marinalli talking, I wouldn't care, but its not. Its Linehan, who should know a lot about Culpepper and his talents. Here is the interview with Linehan, courtesy of MLive.

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