Friday, August 21, 2009

The Killer is killing the Lions.

Tom Kowalski has no love for the Lions this year. I shouldn't say that, he must love the Lions if his job is to cover them on a daily basis, but his predictions don't say much. He thinks that Detroit will only go 3-13 this year and that they will not join the ranks of other worst-to-first teams, such as Miami and Atlanta. I would have to disagree with that.

Michigan News - February 20, 2000

I am not going to say that they definitely will, but they do have a chance. I really like what the Lions have done. To start off, Matt Millen is gone. They only thing that worries me about Martin Mayhew is his initials. After Marty Mornhinweg, Matt Millen, Rod Marinelli and Steve Mariucci, I don't want to see another "M". That brings me to the next change, the coach. They brought in Jim Schwartz...sounds good, right? The defense that he ran in Tenesse proves that he knows what he is doing. Then, they brought in two veteran guys on the defensive side (Foote and Peterson) and have drafted hyped-up players like Louis Delmas. As long as Matthew Stafford, or Daunte Culpepper, can prove to be a serviceable quarterback this year, I am going to have to give the Lions a little more credit than the Killer does. With that attitude, we are going to have a very long season.

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