Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Lions look good as they defeat the Colts.

Once again, I was able to score some tickets to the Lions games today. Before mentioning the Lions, I want to give a shout-out to the Red Wings. I was also able to stop by Hockey Fest 2009 before the game and they did a great job with that. There were tons of things to do for the entire family. With that being said, the Joe is getting pretty old and I hope they get a new stadium soon. I think it will really take the excitement for the Wings to the next level.

Indianapolis Colts v Detroit Lions

Let's start off with the numbers, which were somewhat impressive.

-- 25 First Downs
-- 151 Rushing Yards
-- 261 Passing Yards
-- 411 Total Yards
-- Time of Possession: 34 min, 21 sec

So what was so good about these numbers? Well, 25 first downs is impressive because it means that they are moving the ball. In the past seasons, there have been way too many "three and outs" where the offense could not get anything started. The time of possession was also good because it shows that they were able to control the ball. Not only did I feel that these numbers were good, they all happened to be better than the Colts' respective numbers. The Lions offensive numbers were clearly better.

C. Johnson, B. Johnson and Pettigrew all made an immediate impact on the team. It seems like it is much easier for the team to control the ball when all of the weapons are in place. In the first two preseason games they were playing without any of their starting receivers. In today's game they definitely made Culpepper and Stafford look better. Calvin Johnson was sharp and almost hauled in two touchdowns. Once was a circus catch that even the best receiver would drop and the other was just out of bounds. Bryant Johnson caught a nice touchdown pass from Culpepper at the beginning of the second quarter. Pettigrew also looked pretty good when hauling in a couple of passes.

Colts vs. Lions

I was impressed with the Lions first two drives with Culpepper under center. They moved the ball well and utilized the screen pass with Kevin Smith. Stafford also looked okay, while Stanton looked impressive as usual. After watching this game I think that the offense will definitely be better this year and should be able to win some games, whether it is Culpepper or Stafford at the quarterback position.

My real problem is with the defense. In the first quarter, the Colts just walked through the Lions and did what they pleased. Now, I know they Colts are good, but there were times they were moving the ball without any pressure at all. That was my main problem with the Lions' effort today. I know they had a few starters missing, but I just don't see an overwhelming improvement. I hope I am wrong and they show that they are improved as the season plays out, but as of now it is still their week spot.

So the offense looks good and the defense looks bad. That is the wrap after the third preseason game. Oh and there is one other thing that I took out of this game. The Lions have the best third string quarterback in the league. Drew Stanton always seems to amaze. This is the second time that he has came in and took us to victory. This time he even added a two point conversion for the win.

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