Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Return of Shaun Rogers?

Could we see the return of Shaun Rogers? The newly acquired Shaun Smith is a close friend of Rogers and claims that he wants to come back to Detroit.
"He misses it. Come on, you've been here your whole career and you've had some good times, and you see the talent that they're bringing in, with guys like (Larry) Foote and (Julian) Peterson and (Phillip) Buchanon. They're building a defense now."
I don't know if Cleveland is willing to part ways with "Big Baby", but it is an interesting scenario. It was clear that Shaun Rogers did not get along with the old Detroit regime, but everything is new this year. Jim Schwartz knows defense and Shaun Rogers may be a good fit. A healthy, motivated Shaun Rogers would be a huge plus for the defense. I would love to see something happen that would bring "Big Baby" back home. I was at the Denver game in 2007 when the Lions won 44-7. He took an interception 66 yards for a touchdown in that game. I have never seen a big man run like that.
Denver Broncos v Detroit Lions

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